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short answer: Apple.

long answer: Apple creates amazing human
input interfaces, but doesn't make it simple to share
or publish these creations. Particularly in ways that
escape the garden and work with the open web. aims to make it simpler and more fun
to share from the Notes app.

hosting & privacy
Built on Railway, Vercel, Framer, Scaleway,,

improvMX,, and Cloudflare: their
privacy policies are much longer than this one, so

be mindful about what you share on this bridge.
Do not consider anything uploaded as
private or permanent.

The account cannot access
iCloud data beyond the single file it's invited to.
Removing the collaborator from the note
revokes all access from

how it works

When you add as a
collaborator, an automated Mac Mini accepts
the invite and saves the note in a screenshot.
This is then uploaded to IPFS and a static
page is generated via A bot sends you
the link to your note.


Jon Arthur Iris Dave Kristen CJ Cody DEF